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Top 5 Online Apps for Photo Editing

Everyone has a smartphone in their pockets these days, and if not a smartphone then at least a decent camera. With photography technology becoming so easy, the next essential thing is to have good photo editing programs for the best retouches to make an already-excellent photo into something extra-ordinary. However that’s more like a serious

Top 5 Apps for Video Chat

With faster internet connectivity in present time, it’s only natural that people would move to more interactive and personal communication methods over the other methods that have existed all these days. Video calling used to be only some technically advanced region’s forte all these years, but now faster LTE or broadband connectivity are available almost

Top Calendar Apps for Android and iOS

The era of smartphones and technology have truly dawned upon us. Gone are the days when the old school type calendars work for good. The current fiasco reckons the app based calendars which are what we’ll be dealing with. Often the default calendar app on Android and iOS platforms is bland, unintuitive with no personalization.