Hyundai Tucson 3rd Generation Review

The Hyundai Tucson is a very popular smaller sized SUV in the global market. It’s slightly bigger than standard crossovers in the market, but not as big as a V8 engine Land Cruiser, much smaller than a truck like the Toyota Hilux.



Also, the starting price for the Hyundai Tucson stays really within the reach for many – a budget around Rs. 20 lac is great for a luxury sedan but isn’t spending on a SUV or crossover instead a much better idea for productive people?

Here’s a brief review on the upcoming 3rd generation of Hyundai Tucson.

In India, the Hyundai Tucson’s base price starts at Rs. 18.99 lac for the 2.0 dual VTVT petrol engine with manual transmission and 2WD drive train. The Hyundai 2.0 e-VGT AT GL model with 1995 cc diesel engine and automatic transmission costs Rs. 26.99 lacs. However, the price tag might be different at different ex-showrooms. Customers willing to avail EMI needs to pay Rs. 372, 723 as down payment and the monthly EMI is Rs. 45,397 at an interest of 10.5%.

Hyundai’s current offering for the Tucson model is the 2nd generation in India, but as with the introduction of third generation of Tucson into the world’s market India is about to receive the same within a few months. At a starting price of Rs. 18.99 lacs, there’s no other SUV that is so feature rich, elegant looking yet bank-friendly. Although the Indian models are all 2WD, but there’s an AWD model hitting the Indian market by Q1 of 2017 and the entire off-roading scene would change by then. Driving through a ditch would never feel like what it is!

The new Hyundai Tucson flaunts a newer design language while still keeping the Tucson look and feel as it was. The headlamps and tail LED lamps got a facelift as well as new lighting tech. Unlike a lot of mid-range SUVs and crossovers, the Tucson flaunts a dual-projection headlamp setup. With a lower drag coefficient, the air-drag on this car would be at a minimal.

There are 5 different variants in the Indian market and the engines are 2.0 LT 2WD MT diesel, 2L 2WD AT GL diesel, 2.0L AT GLS diesel, 2L dual VTVT 2WD MT manual and 2L dual VTVT 2WD AT GL petrol. The first four variants offer lower fuel cost due to having diesel as the primary fuel, whereas the petrol variant offers higher fuel efficiency and the luxury of lower number of maintenance trips to the service center.
Alongside everything, the interior has been improved as well. The doors come with chrome tip controls, there’s a supervision cluster in the center panel, the color scheme is dual tone based on black & beige etc. The inside is covered with premium leather. Dual horn offers higher convenience in alerting the driver ahead. With the trip computer placed at a convenient spot, the driver can easily be aware of the car’s outputs during a ride.

Hyundai cars come with a great safety rating. The Tucson has proper restraint system installed in the form of seat belts and airbags. Also, there are features like Electronic Stability Control, Downhill Braking Control and Hill-Start Assist Control.

At a reasonable price point, the Hyundai Tucson packs a whole lot of features, comfort and convenience. If you really want the newest variant, wait a few days until it hits the market.