The All new Audi Q5 Review

At first glance, the Audi Q5 might appear like a hatchback. To some less experienced eyes, the Audi Q5 could look like an SUV as well. But no, the Audi Q5 is neither, instead it’s a simple crossover with great sporty properties under the hood and all features and luxury a pricier car would provide all through the interior and exterior. No matter whether the ride need is for individual use or a business, the Audi Q5 fits pretty much all the shoes. And if you haven’t heard the term crossover before – it’s basically a breed of an SUV and a Sedan, that’s what the Audi Q5 is.


The Audi Q5 is quite a pricey car, that’s what everyone expects from a German manufacturer. The Audi Q5 starts at a base price of Rs. 5,107,438 at the Mumbai ex-showroom, the price might vary a little bit throughout different states and different showrooms. One who’s buying the car under an EMI would have to pay Rs. 766,116 as down payment and Rs. 93,312 per month for 60 months with 10.5% interest.

The Audi Q5’s exterior is totally on point – the proportions are just right, the wind passage is unnoticeable, but they’re there for the best drag coefficient, the lamps and grilles are just placed where they belong and the signature Audi logo is placed exactly in the central front part of the vehicle. Everything’s darn expensive on the exterior no matter what they look like. Although the body shape kind of look like a sedan, yet the bigger wheels remind its owner that this vehicle can go off road as well. There’s no trunk but a tailgate in the rear with LED lighting just like the other four doors – it’s a great car to just look at, let alone drive.

Underneath the hood – a buyer could choose either a petrol or a diesel variant. 2L petrol or 3L diesel are the available options. The diesel produces higher torque for better off-roading whereas the petrol version offers better fuel efficiency and lesser number of maintenance trips to the garage every month. No matter what fuel the engine runs on, both of them have the same transmission system – a 7-speed manumatic unit fancily called the ‘S-Tronic’ transmission by Audi. Top speed on the Audi Q5 is 225 kmph. 12.8 kmpl is the mileage figure for the petrol variant.

Driving safety is an important concern to pay hid to. Especially in a world where the number of high-end private sedans and crossovers are on the rise, it’s imperative for all vehicles to have a standard yet highly secure ride safety plan. The MMI feature works pretty well in an Audi Q5. There is Audi Drive Select for automatic shifting of driving nature when the user isn’t quite sure which terrain to choose and how to drive the car.

The dashboard looks very premium, so does the panel around the gear shaft. Such luxury is often seen in SUVs only but not limited to them, because the Audi Q5 isn’t an SUV. The luggage space in the back can carry up to 518 liters. The seats are all really well-made, with sign of precision stitching on every inch.

If you are looking for a pricey new ride to buy, the Audi Q5 seems to be a better option.