Top 5 Apps for Video Chat

With faster internet connectivity in present time, it’s only natural that people would move to more interactive and personal communication methods over the other methods that have existed all these days.

Video calling used to be only some technically advanced region’s forte all these years, but now faster LTE or broadband connectivity are available almost anywhere. All it takes is a good smartphone with front facing camera, a suitable app and a faster internet connection – all of which are checked in 2016. Now if you had been wondering what 5 apps could top the best 5 video calling apps in 2016, then here are the titles we would pick.




Viber is apparently the most popular video calling app for smartphone users. Sure, the torchbearer of video calling in individual level goes to Skype but when it comes to smartphone owners Viber wins far ahead. Viber only supports free voice calling between two Viber users, calling a regular telephone number would incur some call charges. However, video calling between two Viber users is totally free. Up to 40 people can participate in a voice call conference.



With more than 700 million registered users in Skype’s user base, this deserves to be the world’s first and very best consumer level video conferencing app. Voice calls between Skype users are free, and calling to a regular telephone would cost money. However, video calling is free and there’s free video conferencing as well. Skype is supported in Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, devices like consoles and televisions and what not!



Lately, Facebook Messenger is offering smooth and fluent video calling experience to its users. Right from the smartphone app or desktop interface, a Facebook user can call any Facebook user in their friends’ list. However, there’s no feature for regular voice calls to telephones yet, but to communicate with another Facebook Messenger user over video it only takes a few clicks and taps.



Google Hangouts is Google’s take in instant messaging, voice and video conferencing. Considering the tech infrastructure Google has made over more than past two decades it’s kind of easy for them to offer a video conferencing service. And it is actually pretty impressive to have Hangouts in almost every Android device pre-installed right out of the box. One can video-call another Android user if they know the other person’s Google account. Hangouts is also available for iOS.



WhatsApp is the latest competitor in the video calling world. Speaking of the most used and best IM app, a lot of people would vouch for WhatsApp and so shall we; however the video calling features has only been added in WhatsApp for couple of weeks and not all of the users have acquired access to it. The video quality is pretty decent and jitter free. There’s even group video calling feature since the first iteration and considering the cross-platform user base, WhatsApp is actually going to be a topper in the best video calling app list.



All the apps mentioned in this article are available in the popular app stores by their titles.