Top 5 Online Apps for Photo Editing

Everyone has a smartphone in their pockets these days, and if not a smartphone then at least a decent camera. With photography technology becoming so easy, the next essential thing is to have good photo editing programs for the best retouches to make an already-excellent photo into something extra-ordinary.



However that’s more like a serious interest into photography – not all of us would want to pay a lot for premium software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. There are free online photo editing tools to make life easier, people can use these program for free when they need a photo edited and just close the browser tab to get rid of it. We have sorted out the top 5 online photo editing apps for you.

PicMonkey Online Photo Editor

Those who keep up with the online photo editing technologies, must have heard of the PicMonkey Online Photo Editor app. It offers a full array of in-depth and comprehensive photo editing tools not just for basic retouches, but even a little bit of professional touch to a photo like working with exposure and colors in a photo. Of course, a moderately powerful computer and high-bandwidth internet connection is a prerequisite; however this works across almost all available platforms.

Fotor Online Photo Editor

Fotor is a popular title in photography apps section in the iOS and Google Play Store app stores, but not many people know about Fotor’s online popularity. There are easy-to-go features like 1-Tap Enhance where a photo gets visually beautiful just in one tap. If the automatic output isn’t up to your marks then other features like the crop, rotate, basic, fine-tune, color, curves etc. are all available to play with a photo’s basic and advanced

PIXLR Express Photo Editor

According to a lot of photography savvy people, PIXLR is one of the best online photo editors if not the best already. There are two editors titled PIXLR Editor and PIXLR Express in the online platform of PIXLR, and we are talking about the Express here since it offers shorter workarounds for editing a photo. PIXLR Express mostly offers one-tap based enhancements to a photo whereas the PIXLR Editor will work on layers, go deep down into a photo’s basic curvature and tweak from within.

iPiccy Online Photo Editor

Those who want life to be easier might want to go with iPiccy Online Photo Editor. Rather than sliders, iPiccy relies on one-tap enhancements although the sliders still exist in the interface. There’s a good number of filters which can instantly boost up a photo’s visual appeal.

Befunky Online Photo Editor

Essentials like cropping, changing photo orientation, working with exposure, brightness & contrast, colors etc. are all present in Befunky. Apart from these, a good number of advanced tools are also included but Befunky is mostly targeted for people who want a photo retouched with the least of effort given.


Currently these 5 hold the title for best 5 online photo editors in 2016. Few of these even come with smartphone apps with better functionality.