Top Calendar Apps for Android and iOS

The era of smartphones and technology have truly dawned upon us. Gone are the days when the old school type calendars work for good. The current fiasco reckons the app based calendars which are what we’ll be dealing with.

Often the default calendar app on Android and iOS platforms is bland, unintuitive with no personalization. The answer; up steps these options in form of calendars apps on the app store. We here would be looking into the best bits of the calendar app found on the app store.



Come join us in or bid to find ‘Top Calendar Apps for Android and iOS’.


Let’s start off with SolCalendar, a calendar app that offers tons of features. The app has multiple extra features to go with the basic calendar outline. The app also allows checking weather reports for current and upcoming times.

The app can be synced with Google tasks too. Furthermore, it also avails gestures for navigation, truly a different take on. However, the app is only available on the Android platforms. You can download it from the app store for free.

4)Fantastical 2

A premier calendar app available on the iOS platforms, Fantastical 2 is the next one on the list. It has a straightforward viewing with daily agenda and shows colorful outline for better interference.

The app has iOS reminder integrated to let you know of any notification regarding the events. It works to a charm and is definitely one you could use for. The app is only available on iOS app store and costs $4.99 for it.



A minimalist, clutter-free look offering a neat and tidy pickings of the calendar outline, Sunrise makes it at fourth on our list. The app shows the list of upcoming events under its main view shops and had categorization as weekly view, monthly view and more.

It has an organized way of categorizing the activities to offer better leeway. Get it for free on both the Android and iOS app store.



One of the vibrant looking and a prettiest piece of calendar app on the store, Cal makes it into our list at second. The app is developed by which further offers a to-do list of the same name.

The app features colorful photo backgrounds to mirror rejoice in the old boring piece of calendar views. It directs to the daily agenda in a chronological order upon launching the app and neatly shows all things associated with the day, i.e. meetings, to-do list, appointments and more. The app is available for free on both the Android and iOS app store.


1)Google Calendar

Although Android season campaigners have had prior experience with Google calendar, iOS platform just made its debut a while ago. The app has a neat layout, akin to the desktop pattern and offers options on each agenda. It can be further synced with multiple Google calendars and create a bigger picture.

It’s available for free on both the Android and iOS platforms. However, there’s a small drawback to it, the app doesn’t work with iPad’s.